SEO Virtual Assistant Services

Google has been regularly improving its algorithm!

Nobody know perfectly what goggle have modified and will alter next time, but it is definite that the website that contains quality content and organic link building will receive good rankings.

The world of SEO spammer is gone. Today all websites should be targeted on the content quality and the nature of link building. The content should be perfectly match and completely unique!

Backlinks should be diverse and made from different sources. They must not be following any models or regulations. The amount of backlinks is no longer the first preference, quality will determine all. In short, we want to spend more time to make highly sustainable, quality and natural linkbuilding.

To satisfy the above needs. IMS firm’s staffs (SEO virtual assistance) are regularly up-to-date on the recent Google updates to give the best efficient services for customers. SEO virtual assistants company are highly trained and experienced in the area of SEO, Link building, Data entry…

IMS company’s VA will save you money and time. As numerous best business trainers and business owners will say you: Perform what you do best and outsource the other jobs! We are here to assist you to provide you lot of time to concentrate on what you perform best. Your VA can do virtually any SEO, link building, website update, data entry and digital article writing jobs.

Why hire a virtual assistant?

All of our VA’s perform in the similar office under one roof and administration. You will contain your own virtual assistant functioning on your projects and contain team leader to supervise the VA’s action and IT, SEO expert supporting group. Everyday reports will be sent at the end to you. Additionally you can talk directly with the team leader and with the virtual assistants through skype, gtalk and teamviewer software.

With IMS Company, we promise:

1. Each full time VA work 8 hours a day, 5.5 days weekly and 4 hours a day and 6 days weekly with part-time VA.

2. Virtual assistant regularly update the recent Google trend from the SEO professionals.

3. Your work and personal details are maintained confidential.

4. The VA conduct diverse and natural Backlinks which relate to content and 100% unique.

5. The VA send daily detailed reports at the end of each working day.

6. The VA is ready to learn and carry out any special request as your demand.

7. VA’s manager checks rankings weekly and recommend any necessary changes in the work plan to improve work’s effectiveness.

What can IMS Company’s VA do?

– Article writing: Sample article.

– Manually Article Spin: Sample article spin.

– Article Submissions: Sample report.

– Press release submission.

– Web 2.0 Properties: Sample report.

– Blogs, web 2.0 sites and micro blogs submissions.

– Link wheel

– Link Pyramid

– Social bookmarking.

– Wiki posting.

– Video Submissions: create Video (s) and submit to Video channels.

– Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Likedin, Google +, Stumpleupon, etc): make friends, join groups, create fan page, sharing (links, images, videos), post status, discussion, etc.

– Backlink profile submission: Create account and submit your profile to high PR forums, web 2.0.

– Document Sharing for SEO: Create pdf or powerpoint document and share on ,,, , etc..

– Montly SEO package  give us your website url and keyword, and we will do everything else for you

– Data Entry and Website Update/ Editing: we can update product photo, information for your shopping sites or blog posts for your website

– Indexing all links.

Hire A Full Time VA

- 8hs per day, 5 days / week, from Monday to Friday(GMT +7:00).
- Only $150 / full time VA / Month.

Hire A Part Time VA

- 4hs per day, 5 days / week, from Monday to Friday(GMT +7:00).
- Only $80 / part time VA / Month.