In recent years, there has been tremendous growth in shared bookmarking applications. These internet oriented social bookmarking services have been adapted for use in large organizations, also.

There are two distinguishing characteristics of social bookmarking systems. The first is the use of keywords, or tags, that a user enters to describe the links he or she saves. These tags allow users to organize and display their collection with labels that are meaningful to them. Furthermore, multiple tags allow bookmarks to belong to more than one category, a limitation of the traditional hierarchically organized folders found in most Web browsers. The second significant characteristic of these social bookmark applications is the social nature of their use. While bookmark collections are personally created and maintained, they are also typically visible to others. As a result, users benefit by getting pointers to new information from others while at the same time getting a general sense of other people's interests.

Social bookmarking systems arguably provide support for search activities that range from simple fact-finding to more exploratory or social forms of search. Fact-finding or what is called "known-item" retrieval is supported by traditional application explicit search capabilities. Users generate query terms and sift through lists of search results to find the appropriate bookmark (and associated web site). These known-item search tasks are usually characterized by a well understood search problem and reasonable understanding of the search domain. Social bookmarking can help a website to gain a lot of link popularity as a user saves his favorites on the public site he shares it with the total visitors who are interested in viewing the sites related to the keyword they are finding in a way as many users see your sites ad as many people save your site as their favorites your websites popularity and visitors increase enormously. The adventage of social bookmarks also became an opportunity for SEO companies and consultants to build links effectively without having to purchase clicks or ad-space on one website. Because social bookmarking is a free service offered by social bookmarking sites such as,, Jumptags, and many others. Furthermore, you are opening your doors to thousands of social bookmarkers every day. That can assure you traffic. Another particularly interesting form of exploratory search supported by social bookmarking services is where endusers engage in person-centric browsing by clicking on a clickable name and the bookmarks for that person appear. This kind of browsing enables the reputation of the original bookmarker to be considered when viewing the bookmark result. At the same time, this person-centric search allows a form of people sensemaking to occur.

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- Permanent one-way links.

- All will be submitted to leading RSS feeds

- All will be pinged to Search Engines.

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- Only $10 for 100 social bookmarking, we can do from 100 - 1000 social bookmarks(we will use 1 keywords + 1 urls for each bookmark).

- Please send us infomation your web(Keywords + Urls) to email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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